Nursery Life

What you can expect

Without exception our nursery day always involves plenty of opportunity for outdoor play and physical activity either in our lovely garden overlooking open countryside, out in the woods during Forest School sessions or by practising our forward rolls and balancing skills in the community hall within our building.

We have a free-flow environment which means that our back door is always open and enables children to choose whether they want to play inside or outside. The children can choose to play independently with a range of activities and resources on offer, this free play will be interspersed with planned adult led activities (often related to events, festivals or seasons) and games to develop sharing and focusing skills.

The nursery environment is designed to encourage independence skills therefore most of the resources are accessible to the children in low level units and clearly labelled drawers. We have child size toilets and sinks to promote independence with toileting and hand washing and each child has a labelled peg in the cloakroom for coats and personal belongings.

Our routines are limited and flexible so that we can give the children plenty of long uninterrupted periods of play, but we do always have a snack time mid-morning and mid-afternoon and come together for a story at the end of each session.

In addition to our main nursery room we are fortunate to have another large room which until recently had many uses. However, over the summer of 2019 the room was transformed into a sensory room with a very special Magic Carpet. The Magic Carpet engages the children in a fully interactive sensory experience in which they can choose from hundreds of exciting activities such as chasing autumn leaves, swimming with fish in a pond, scoring a goal, popping bubbles or flying to the moon. Needless to say, this fantastic resource is hugely popular with all of the children and we ensure that every child has access to the sensory room during the course of the week.

fire girl


Snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon sessions. We try to provide fruit or vegetables produced in our own garden or source local produce.

boy and chicken


We have our very own Bantams which are small chickens. They lay eggs and are great fun for the children to interact with.

fruit and veg

Community Garden

We have a lovely community garden adding to the outdoor space the children are able to use daily.

puddle fun

Sensory Room

Thanks to the assistance of the rugby charity, Wooden Spoon, we have our very own sensory room. Equipped with an overhead projector beaming directly to the floor children can interact with the image such as fish in the fish pond. Touching the floor sends ripples through the projected image. The room is also very quiet providing tranquillity.  

sensory room