Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) information

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First created: 30/10/2017

Last reviewed: 08/01/2024

Children have a baseline assessment performed during their first term at nursery. This is completed through observations recorded in learning journeys. This will highlight areas to work on. If concerns are raised, we would gain more insight with the help from parents and in partnership with the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) and the child’s key person.

Our “open door” ethos ensures concerns are addressed at an early stage by encouraging parents to share their concerns with the key person, SENCO.

We provide activities that support the interests, abilities and needs of each child with the child’s key person and the SENCO. Where needed we can also provide 1-1 support.

We have access to outside services that the SENCO can make referrals to if necessary. We work closely with these external agencies that will help us to put targets in place and continue to monitor a child’s progress these include integrated therapy services, ISEND, Occupational therapists and Speech and Language therapists. We also have an “in house” Speech and Language therapist who visits every two weeks currently and is on hand to meet parents and give us advice.

Should your child require any form of involvement with an outside agency then the SENCO would immediately inform you and obtain your permission for professional intervention.

At Pippas we offer a varied and stimulating play-based curriculum which follows each child’s interests. Children are assessed using appropriate assessment tools and guidelines and have equal access to resources and provisions. The SENCO will, if needed put plans in place to support a child’s progression in an area identified need. These are always done with the SMART values in mind (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time) so that we are accurate with assessing their development and ascertain their needs as an individual.

Every child is seen as a unique individual at pippa’s group. The key person will put in place ‘Next steps’ termly, goals that are attainable and are only done once we get to know your child and in collaboration with parents.

The SENCO will put “setting based plans” in place which supports the child’s development and progress in our setting. It sets out exactly how we intend to support the child achieve these goals for instance if a child needs a carpet square to help him/her sit then we will ensure that is always available. These are completed with the parents input and are reviewed every 6 weeks.

We have an “open door” ethos and so are always available to chat. Our separate room means that on request we can have privacy if needed for meetings.  All assessments are constantly shared with parents and parent’s evenings are also a time for us to discuss this further. We keep in contact in a variety of ways including communication books where appropriate and via phone calls, WhatsApp and emails.

We take a holistic viewpoint when considering a child’s developmental stage and engage with parents to achieve a better understanding of this. 

At Pippa’s we understand that each child will learn at their own pace and we support this with the use of resources like a giant sand timer to support children to share. Our key persons support their key child’s understanding in all areas of their development especially PSED. We work in small groups to learn social skills and support activities that they will join in with and we tune into a child’s need to have 1-1 time or to sit quietly.  

Our resources and equipment reflect this especially in our quiet room which enables children to have 1-1 time with their key person exploring the sensory resources, listening to music or sharing stories. We also have a sensory interactive ‘magic carpet ‘room which supports a child’s needs. 

To support any medical needs, we have an administering medicines policy, risk assessments and care plans which would be ‘in place’ so your child can attend nursery safely and to ensure their medical needs are met. We will work with parents and medical professionals to achieve this.

We have had several children with a variety of complex needs and are flexible to ensure their needs are met and parents are happy.

We have a range of informal and formal ways to share information with parents which include:

• An open door ethos so both arranged and informal talks can take place

• Formal parents consultations with staff to discuss your child’s progress.

• Children’s work is displayed and key developmental ideas, shared with parents. 

• Displays with ‘learning journey’ with which weekly activities and pictures and written on the board inside the nursery. 

• We can if appropriate provide a home-school communication book to update you on your child’s day and information on key events.  


We use early years services, which help us provide early support. We also have access to advisers from other outside services.  We employ a Speech and Language therapist who works with our children on a fortnightly basis and is on hand to offer advice and to meet with parents. 

We have on- going staff training, our SENCO has a ISEND NASEN bridging course and attends refresher training and networking meetings regularly to keep knowledge up to date. 

Our SENCO has level 2 foundation in Makaton training and cascades information, so all staff have basic knowledge of Makaton signs especially for snack time, story time.

The nursery is on a flat level, which is wheelchair accessible. We provide a very spacious nursery with the use of disabled toilets. We use free flow in our nursery with a good variety of resources and equipment that are available for children to be able to choose independently. We also have a separate room which can be used for 1-1 support. 

We use visual aids for daily routines such as visual timelines, ‘now and then’ and choice boards to aid communication and support understanding. 

We have access to ISEND early years’ service that provide support for children with English as an additional language and children from Roma, gypsy and traveller backgrounds. 

ISEND (teaching and learning provision team for gypsy, Roma and traveller families)  

Settling in…

• The designated key person will meet the child at the door and support that transition when they come in and support parents. 

• Ask parents for any cuddly comforter that may help in that initial period. 

• We will distract the child with toys that we have already learnt they like from the ‘all about me’ form that we give to parents to fill out so if they like trains we will have the train track set up when they come in.

Transferring to other settings…

Our SENCO will be involved in the transition meetings that take place when your child leaves to go to school. She will gather information to send to school including our one-page profile that gives the school/nursery a picture into the child, the child’s strengths, what makes a bad/good day for that child and what our hopes are for that child’s future. If transferring to another nursery this can also be completed.


We can apply for an inclusion grant from the local authority for 1-1 support and any specialist equipment as needed. 

As a charity we are fortunate to often have grants and donations which we can use specifically to address a child’s needs. E.g equipment/activity resources. Pippas group receive funding within the allocated budget for all children, including those with special educational needs. All resources, training and support are reviewed regularly, and changes made as needed. 

Once our assessments are complete including mandatory setting-based plans and if necessary, behaviour plans we can then review these and it will form the basis of any referrals made. Then outside agencies will come in for a block of sessions and set targets that we will support your child to achieve. We are constantly reviewing what we have in place and changing these when complete. 

We are a friendly and inclusive nursery with a strong sense of community. We greatly value our partnership with parents and encourage an “open door” policy so parents feel comfortable sharing ideas and concerns.

Experiences that parents will have include:

• We offer home visits which is an opportunity for parents to meet key persons and ask questions.

• Getting involved in children in need and Christmas craft mornings and leavers craft mornings.

• Parent consultations 

• Parent suggestion box

• Notice boards displays up to date information.

• Parents involvement in all their child’s assessments i.e next steps and are encouraged to comment. 


We offer home visits and we will ensure the practitioners who visit are the designated key person for your child wherever possible. When your child starts at the setting the key person who will greet you at the door will be the first contact to ask any initial questions however you may be referred onto the designated SENCO who can help talk through any concerns  and the options available to you.

For more information contact our SENCO, or your child’s key person.

Contact pippas group on: 01273 483992 SENCO: Lucy Campbell

Manager: Claire Connell

Designated Safeguard lead: Claire Connell and Kimberley Richardson.


This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change. All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service offer.

Date of publication: 10/11/2019


This offer is intended to give you clear, accurate and accessible information.

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Find out more about support for children and young people with special needs and disabilities: www.eastsussex.gov.uk/localoffer